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Cow Ved– Movement by Gaumandir gaushala based on Indian Values and Culture with a Mission to promote the use of Panchagavya-based products made from all the valuable ingredients available from Indian cows, as well as Natural Superfoods ...

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Loved By Patrons

Love it so much

(Herbal ghritah )After visiting and subsequent purchase of cowved ghee i realised the mistake of consuming a impure ghee for last 58 yrs of my life ,henceforth shall never ever purchased any other ghee product by unknown source ..the best potent food cowved gir cow ghee

Dadashri Kishorsingh Solanki - Ayurvedacharya

Love my new purchase

(Ghee) I just wanted to say that I have fallen in love with your GHEE. Thank you for producing such nice ghee. It's so fresh and delicious. Thanks, for making a totally pure and tastes product. Awesome your GHEE is AWESOME! You have a customer for life!

Mr.Vijay Paranjpe - Actor ,Voice over artist

used for my mom

(Nasya Ghritah ) I used this for my mom… ग्रेन और सरदर्द से ३० साल से परेशान थी लेकिन इस नस्यघृत से जो माँ को लाभ मिला है उसे शब्दोंमें नहीं व्यक्त कर सकते.हमारा आयुर्वेद ५०००साल पुराना है… cowved इस आयुर्वेद को और नये और अलग अन्दाज़ से पेश कर रहा है… cowved team को कोटी कोटी शुभकामनाएँ…

Dhananjay Dhangar- Media expert

Used in case of Epilepsy

(Nasya Ghritsh )मेरी बेटी मृगी के दौरे आते थे।बहुत इलाज करवा कर थक चुके थे लेकिन नही ठीक हुआ।जब से cow ved ki medicin diye tab se मिर्गी की दौरे बंद हो गया। धन्यवाद cow ved

Prem Chand Kumar ,Bihar

Herbal Ghritahs turned very benefical

Started with Shatavari Ghritah during my wife's pregnancy period in 5 th month, and the results i got made all Ghritas as per the requirements a daily routine of me and my family.
thanks cowved for showing the right way of consuming herbs.

Kapil Jadhav - Pharmacist

We think they need us , But Nature says we need them

Natural farming will only be a dream without cow, mankind and Envoirment is facing many problems due to unhealthy eating habits and food with pesticides content . Today , India is like a hub for many diseases . On the other hand , there is extinction of desi cows breeds , which are ' Sanjeevani ' to all these problems . Our vision is to achieve a healthy India and to develop the best desi cow breeds . We believe and are confident that desi cows can make India healthier . We are committed to making every effort to get back her original pride . Contributing the Social Movement to Protect and Develop ( Indigenous ) Desi Cows Breeds with Self Sustainability

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We believe that, the only way to make India healthier is the Desi Cows

Indigenous Cow Breed Development

Cow Based Organic Farming

Organic And Natural Produce

Training Programs For Gaushalas

Social Awareness

Let’s join the movement..

Let's Save the Heritage Of Desi Cow

I am Nikhil Patil, a passionate cow lover from Jalgaon, Maharashtra. I was born and brought up in a family that cherishes Indian ethics, culture and is inclined towards nature. We strongly believe that Indian people are God-gifted with a unique species – the Desi Cows. We worship them and treat them just like our mothers when it comes to taking care of their physical and mental health. Desi cow’s milk and urine are rich in medicinal values. It helps us maintain good physical and mental health, mind-body balance, prosperity, and  social peace. 

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