COMBO - Dashparni Arka + GAUKHUR
COMBO - Dashparni Arka + GAUKHUR
COMBO - Dashparni Arka + GAUKHUR
COMBO - Dashparni Arka + GAUKHUR
COMBO - Dashparni Arka + GAUKHUR

COMBO - Dashparni Arka + GAUKHUR

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Dashparni Arka (Fermented extract of native leaves for the kitchen gardens) 900 ML
  • 100% organic.
  • Fermented native leaf extracts
  • Faster than harmful chemical-based pesticides.
  • Kills Almost every type of pest damaging plants.
  • Made with a Natural process.

  • Saves a plant from pest
  • Don’t harm plants like chemicals-based pesticides.


    • Gau (cow) + “khur” (hoops of a cow) names itself describes the manure which is developed under the free grazing cows under gaushala for the year-long process while absorbing sunlight and buttermilk sprayed on it parallelly Considered as most energetic food for your plant ever. Properties of medicinal plants like Ashwagandha, Shatavari as cows are fed regularly with it.
    • 100% organic manure. No mixing with mud.
    • Slowly releases the nutrients into the soil.
    • Added power of cocopeat and mahua oil cake.

    • Organic Manure:   This is 100% organic manure which provides the required vital nutrients to the plants. As it is organic, it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

    • Natural Preparation:  CowVed Manure (mixture of cow dung, gaumutra, and Buttermilk) is prepared by a year, As the manure ages, the form of nitrogen changes such that does it not burn the plants. In addition, the pathogens present in the manure, get killed. Hence, it is completely natural and is one of the best additions to your garden or farm.

    • Rich source of Nutrients:  It contains micro and macronutrients. Hence it serves as the main source of nutrients for the plants. In today’s world, it is very difficult to get good soil, suitable for plant growth. If at all we get, it might not contain the required nutrients. Nutrient-rich soil helps to increase the yield. Gau khur contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Micronutrients. These are important for plant health.

    • Good water holding capacity: Our manure has good water holding capacity. Hence, the plants get sufficient time to absorb the nutrients present in the water.

    • Antifungal property: Due to this property, it helps the plants to grow healthier.

    • Soil Enhancer:  As it contains microbes, it enhances the soil’s properties. It is the best organic supplement for home gardening which is free from all types of pesticides.

    • Cow feedings:  Cow Ved believes in what goes in comes out approach. So, our cows are fed with medicinal fodder such as Ashwagandha and Shatavari. The medicinal properties of these ingredients add value to the milk used for preparing ghee.

    • Odourless manure.




    Mix 200ml in 10 litres of water and spray.


    Store at room temperature


    For External use, keep away from children.


    DASHPARNI ARKA _-Vembu (Neem leaves ), Unni Chedi ( Lantana Camara ) leaves, Pungam ( Pongamia Pinnata ) leaves, Arali ( Indian Oleander ) leaves, Kattamanakku ( Jatropha ) or Amanakku ( Castor ) leaves Shindilakodi ( Tinospora Cordifolia ) leaves Seetha Pazham ( Custard Apple ) leaves, Erukkan ( Calotropis Gigantea ) leaves, Pappali Pazham ( Papaya ) leaves, Nochi ( Vitex Nigundo Linn ) leaves, Ginger, Garlic, Green chillies.

    GAKHUR FERTILIZER :- Composted cow dung, cockpit, buttermilk, mohu cake.

    COMBO - Dashparni Arka + GAUKHUR

    COMBO - Dashparni Arka + GAUKHUR

    Rs. 950.00 Rs. 1,099.00