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Contains :- 
Dhoop Sticks 30 pcs per box :- 3 Box 
CUP Dhoops 12 per box :-  3 Box


  • Dhoop Sticks :- 100 % pure lobhan
    Cup Dhoops  :-  100 % pure Guggal
  • Ingredients used for making dhoop sticks are CowVed Bilona ghee, virgin coconut oil, Bhimseni Kapur (Camphor),100% pure lobhan. Same as havan-aahuti.
  • 100% Natural  Dhoop batti. and cups.
  • Free from Chemicals and not Any Artificial Fragrance.
  • Bound by natural ingredients.
  • No chemicals used for burning, pure coconut oil and Ghee, Kapur support burning in it.


  • It drives away bad odour and also Protects your family from the mosquitos.
  • Also, when pure Bilona ghee burns it keeps the atmosphere away from harmful viruses and increases oxygen levels.


- The Pure soothing mild smell relieves you from anxiety and stress while the herb fragrance lifts the spirits and activates the senses. uplifting the mood during a social gathering.
- Must for all your Puja & all other Auspicious Occasions
- Recommended for the whole day closed homes in the evening daily to make the room odour free and pleasant.
- Office use and morning poojas at shops and homes make pleasant changes in the working environment.
- Use twice daily for better results.


Store in a dry place.


- Hold the stick Or Cup from the bottom.
- Light the upper side rim of the Stick over the fire.
- Wait till the entire rim starts burning evenly.
- After the entre rim glows, blow out the fame and experience Pure Natural Lobhan Gomay Fragrance


Sticks :- Lobhan, Sambrani, Coconut oil, Gomay (cow dung) , A2 wooden Bilona ghee, Kapur.

Cups :- Guggul, Sambrani, Coconut oil, Gomay (cow dung), A2 wooden Bilona ghee, Kapur.

Home Aura Combo

Home Aura Combo

Rs. 549.00 Rs. 615.00

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