Kamdhenu Combo
Kamdhenu Combo
Kamdhenu Combo
Kamdhenu Combo
Kamdhenu Combo
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Kamdhenu Combo
Kamdhenu Combo
Kamdhenu Combo
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Kamdhenu Combo

Kamdhenu Combo

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Shata Dhauta Ghritah 40 gm =1 pcs
Gir Cow Dung stick = 2 pcs
Gir Cow Dung Hawan Cups = 2pcs
500 ml Wooden Bolina Ghee = 1 pcs
Pancha Gauvya Nasya ghritah,= 1 pcs
Shreemukh Danta Manjan 80 gm = 2 pcs

Features :- 

Shata Dhauta Ghritah :- 

Shat=    100 times (1 time = 100 manual rotation; 100 time = 10 thousand rotation)
Dhuata =   washed
Ghritah =  A2 wooden bilona ghee

As per ayurveda, Shatadhuat  Ghritah is an Ancient gift to mankind with its supreme skin-healing & miraculous transformation qualities to beautify your skin also certified by science for its supreme skin-healing benefits.

A2 Ghee washed with tender coconut water, a good source of vitamin c and vital  minerals. Chandan, Kesar and Ambe Haldi concoction rejuvenate and heals skin.

  • Has the property which helps it to completely penetrate and deeply nourish all seven layers of skin.
  • Inbuilt moisturizing properties which keep skin soft & add Natural Glow to the skin complexion.
  • Gives cooling effect to skin
  • Give you a naturally younger-looking glow You can feel.
  • Helps to keep your skin flawless and free of wrinkles for an extended period of time.
  • A natural sunscreen, which protects skin from sun damage for max hours.
  • Contains Omega 3, 9 fatty acids, and vitamins A, D, E & K, all of which are considered great for the skin.
  • Helps to clear light stretch marks. In case of deep str

  • Due to its Multiple benefits, commonly it is referred to as an anti-
  • etch marks, regular use of this cream helps them to fade timely.ageing Cream 

.Gir Cow Dung Stick /Gir cow Dung Guguul Cups :- 

Light up your home with these 100% natural dhoop sticks to make your sunsets a more aesthetic & spiritual environment with a natural fragrance.

Burning lobhan and Guggul  prevents negative energies and makes creates a positive aura.

500ML Wooden Bilona Ghee :- 

Traditional Vedic Wooden Bilona Process and heated on “Chulha“.

Grass-fed pure breed Desi Gir Cows whole A2 Milk used for curding (cultured process)

Made from whole milk curd.

Medicinal fodder like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Triphala, in Cow feed improves medicinal Properties.

Hygienic ,No preservatives, fillers, binders, flow agents & Artificial colour, flavour, fragrances.

  • Superfood: Desi cow ghee is an essential Superfood for growing kids, as it is a powerhouse of vitamins and acids that promote good health. It improves children’s bone health in their growing age and helps in joint lubrication of older people.
  • Digestive: The desi cow ghee is easy to digest; since the melting point is slightly low than the human body temperature. It is also helpful for those who are on a diet and also in weight management.
  • Highly nutritious: Desi cow ghee is a source of Omega 3 & 9 along with vitamins A, D, E, K, CLA, and anti-oxidants.

Nasya Ghritah :- 

"II नासा हि शिरसो द्वारम् तेन तद् व्याव्य हन्ति तान्  II"

Accordingly the Acharya Vagbhata postulates the above shloka, elucidating that nose is considered as the entrance gate of the bonce (head) and all the diseases related to the head region vanishes by this nasya karma thus proffer you a perfect health internally as well as externally (balanced tri doshas).

 AS per Ayurveda ( Panchagauvya )     
 Daily use of Panchagauvya ghritah  leads to a healthy and peaceful life With   following benifits :

  • Enhancement of all sensations especially in Smell& Vision.
  • Controls stress.
  • Enhances the overall texture of the Skin and Hair.
  • Useful in dust allergy, Migraine, Insomnia and Sleepless, Thyroid, Mirgi (epilepsy).
  • Extremely effective in treating a wide headache and stress.
  • Helps to clear breathing, snoring issues.
  • Helps to clear cold, cough& asthma, continuous sneezing.
  • Helps to lubricate the nasal passage.
  • Clean out mucus and sinuses.


  • Finest Texture which makes it smooth on gums.
  • Mixture of 16 essential herbs, on what is most essential.
  • All raw ingredients are processing done in-house to take care of adulteration.
  • Made in small batches.
  • All raw ingredients are processing done in-house to take care of adulteration.
  • Better option for sensitive teeth.
  • Improves overall oral health.


Shata Dhauta Ghritah :-

1) Daily Night Cream: - Wash your face dry then Rub A small dab of Shata Dhauta Ghrita on your face in a circular motion. Keep it applied to the skin for better absorption.
2) Day cream:- Same application given above can be rinsed off with warm water after 15 minutes,( comfortably in morning bathing)
3) Baby cream:- Moisturize your and your baby skin with 100 % pure supreme quality ayurvedic cream
4)medicinal uses:- AS per ayurveda it can be used to cure Eczema, Psoriasis, Rashes, and types of wounds

.Gir Cow Dung Stick /
Girs cow Dung Guguul Cup :-
The Pure soothing mild smell relieves you from anxiety and stress while the herb fragrance lifts the spirits and activates the senses. uplifting the mood during a social gathering.
- Must for all your Puja & all other Auspicious Occasions
- Recommended for the whole day closed homes in the evening daily to make the room odour free and pleasant.
- Office use and morning poojas at shops and homes make pleasant changes in the working environment.
- Use twice daily for better results.

Wooden Bilona Ghee :-
Consume daily with or in food as per taste, Teaspoon of ghee with warm water results in good metabolism.

For cleaning teeth and mouth, using with toothbrush
will be more beneficial


Shata Dhauta Ghritah :-

1)Don’t keep in direct sunlight
2) If possible keep it in the refrigerator for a cooling effect and long-lasting shelf life

.Gir Cow Dung Stick :- Store in a dry place.

Gir cow Dung Guguul Cups :- Store in a dry place.

Wooden Bilona Ghee :-
Store in room temperature

Keep in dry place


Shata Dhauta Ghritah :-

1) Perform a patch test before use
2) Contains a minimum percentage of coconut water as it is washed in it and cannot be separated completely.
3) It is suitable for dry, sensitive & all skin types except in case of active acne-prone skin it should be rinsed off completely before moving out.

.Gir Cow Dung Stick/Gir cow Dung Guguul Cups :-

- Hold the stick/cup from the bottom.
- Light the upper side rim of the Stick over the fire.
- Wait till the entire rim starts burning evenly.
- After the entre rim glows, blow out the fame and experience Pure Natural Lobhan Gomay Fragrance

Wooden Bilona Ghee :-
Solid, Liquid & Semi solid-Liquid states and colour variation are natural in traditionally processed ghee in small batches, all depending on time, feed, lactation period


Shata Dhauta Ghritah :-
A2 bilona ghee, Coconut water , Kesar, Ambe Haldi , Chandan

.Gir Cow Dung Stick :-
Lobhan, Sambrani, Coconut oil, Gomay (cow dung) , A2 wooden Bilona ghee, Kapur.

Gir cow Dung Guguul Cups :-
Guggul, Sambrani, Coconut oil, Gomay (cow dung), A2 wooden Bilona ghee, Kapur.

Wooden Bilona Ghee :-
yoghurt from indigenous Gir cow a2 milk.

SHREE MUKH DANTA MANJAN :- Awala,HIrda,Behada,Bakul saal,Dalchini,Jesthmadh,Kachora,kapoor,Khatika,Mayfal,Peppermint satva,Pimpli,Rocksalt,Sphatika,Tankan

Kamdhenu Combo

Kamdhenu Combo

Rs. 2,499.00 Rs. 3,189.00

We think they need us , But Nature says we need them

Natural farming will only be a dream without cow, mankind and Envoirment is facing many problems due to unhealthy eating habits and food with pesticides content . Today , India is like a hub for many diseases . On the other hand , there is extinction of desi cows breeds , which are ' Sanjeevani ' to all these problems . Our vision is to achieve a healthy India and to develop the best desi cow breeds . We believe and are confident that desi cows can make India healthier . We are committed to making every effort to get back her original pride . Contributing the Social Movement to Protect and Develop ( Indigenous ) Desi Cows Breeds with Self Sustainability

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